Spring or Autumn tender leaves from good Origin skillfully processed mean Rock quality.

  Da Hong Pao Rock Tea Superior   
(Autumn best season harvest!)

20g 50kr

50g 95kr


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Bohea, in mandarin Wu Yi, lies in the northwest of Fujian. Bohea has 36 peaks, 99 grosteque rocks, 9 winding creeks. The tea plants grow among the rocky cliffs, beside the creeks, deep in the valleys.
As the local farmers describe, ”one rock one tea, no rock without tea”. Bohea unique rocky environment creates special Bohea rock tea, and Da Hong Pao is the diamond of the rock tea kingdom.
Authentic Da Hong Pao is only from a limited number of old tea trees growing in the caves on 3 cliffs. The cliffs are steepy, hinder the sunshine and seperate the hot temperature, which give unique micro condition for the tea trees. More amazingly, there are ever-flowing small creeks from the top of the cliffs that keep watering the tea trees.
Da Hong Pao from us come from later generation tea plants of the authentic!




Da Hong Pao tastes wonderful, like a charming mature aged vintage. It feels mellow, smooth, round and completed with subtle overtones.

You will be even more overwhelmed by its fragrance! Rich, lingering fully around your nose and mouth, a special ”rock aroma”!


First Grade also charms you rock tea mystery.

How to brew Da Hong Pao?

Handmade Yixing clay teapot is a must!!
95-100 ℃ water. Refill up to 6-7 times.
(18% discount for teaware if buy together with tea!)

  1. warm up the teapot;
  2. put in tea, 3g for 4dl.teapot;
  3. slowly and evenly pour in 95-100 ℃ water
  4. keep the teapot covered for 1 minute;
  5. ready to serve the tea.



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