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Ginseng in Greek is “Panax Ginseng”, which means “curing all”. Ginseng is acknoledged worldwide as a herbal medicine treasure. Our selection Ginseng Flower Tea is made from ginseng flowers growing in the old forest at more than 1500 meters above sea level on the Chang Bai Shan mountain in Jinlin in northeast China.

Research shows that ginseng flowers from this region contain unique amino acids rare in natural plants, and antioxidants, vital for the immune system.




How to brew Ginseng Flower Tea:

Ginseng Flower Tea is strong, energy-giving. The best time to drink it is early in the morning before breakfast. The tea gives energy and helps clean your body ready for a whole day in good condition. Take 1g per day, combined with 1g quality green tea such as West Lake Longjing (high vitamin content).

A porcelain mug. 95 ℃. Refill up to 2 times.  

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  1. Warm the mug;
  2. 1g Ginseng Flower tea, 1g West Lake Longjing green tea;
  3. Evenly pour in the water; 

  4. Infuse for 2 minutes.

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