Pure Rose Tea   
(made of natural rose buds!)
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Rose is loved all over the world.It is not well known that roses originated from northwest China! It was along the ancient Silk Road, around 300 B.C. that rose was introduced to middle Asia.

In China the best quality rose for tea, which is also our selection, comes from the small town of Ku Shui in Gansu province. Ku Shui lies 2000 meters above sea level on a highland, with continental climate: good sunshine, mild winters and warm summers. Several rivers flow through it and fertilize its soil. The environment provides excellent conditions for rose plants.Every year in May, miles upon miles of roses are in full bloom, and Ku Shui is called the “Rose Town of China”.




Our selection of Ku Shui rose flower tea is composed of neat, complete and tiny rose buds, finely dried. After steeping for 2 minutes, the rose buds give a bright, light yellow infusion colour, with red roses remaining at the bottom. It tastes smooth, gently sweet, mixed with pleasant rose fragrance.

Relaxing and joyful, it is fit for social occassions or evening drink.

How to brew Pure Rose tea:

A glass Gaiwan or teapot is the best.
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2g per 1dl Gaiwan;
95-100℃ water (the softer water, the lower temperature).
Refill up to 4-5 times.

  1. Warm the Gaiwan, put in 2g of tea;
  2. Pour in ¼ water and gently move the tea cup for the rose tea to come to the average temperature;
  3. Smell the inside of lid - full of rose aroma!
  4. Pour in all the water in an up-down-up-down way to mobilise the rose tea;
  5. Infuse for 2 minutes.



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