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“Bohea Souchong is superior to ginseng soup!”
- The British tea connoisseur Norton
“I feel my heart become so sympathetic, That I must have recourse to black Bohea…….”
- Don Juan, by Lord Byron (1788-1824)
Bohea Souchong (Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong) is produced exclusively from its origin in the Bohea mountains. Instead of usual large leave camelia sine-sis black tea, this exclusive black tea is of small leave (Souchong the English word comes from the local Chinese dialect ”xiao zhong小种)”which means small leave type.
All the secret lies in its special process of combining natural smoke from the local pine trees into its oxidization procedure!
Our selection Zhengshan Bohea Souchong black tea is a Chinese government’s protected ”origin of production” product, also certificated by OCIA of the USA, and BCS of Germany and JONA of Japan.



It has thick leaves and a smooth black colour. After steeping the tea, it turns deep red with a long lasting aroma of pine smoke. Its mellow taste has the flavour of longan soup. Add milk and the tea keeps the same aroma but begins to have the appearance of syrup and a more brilliant colour.

Special Grade Bohea Souchong longan
You can fully enjoy this black tea’s wonderful taste and aroma, plus it’s more economic.

Tips:after using this tea for breakfast, keep it in teapot (clay teapot the best) till evening, reuse it with warm milk – a soft soothing evening drink before sleep.

How to brew Bohea Souchong Longan?

Handmade Yixing clay teapot is the best.
(18% discount for teaware if buy together with tea!)
4g for 4dl. water;
95-100 ℃ water. Refill up to 4-5 times.

  1. warm up the teapot;
  2. put in tea, 4g for 4dl.teapot;
  3. slowly and evenly pour in 95-100 ℃ water
  4. infuse 2 minutes.

Serve the tea into cup first, then add milk and honey as you like.

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