Gaiwan has been used for tea drinking all over China since the 16th century Qing Dynasty. Gaiwan is Mandarin, Gai (盖) means lid or cover; Wan (碗) means bowl. Gaiwan refers to a tea cup with a lid, supported by a small saucer underneath. The cover is for keeping the tea aroma and tea temperature. The cover is also used for pushing away the tea leaves floating on surface.
With a Gaiwan, one can enjoy tea in many ways: smelling, eye-viewing and tasting. When you get a gaiwan of fine tea, slowly take up the cover and smell the inner side of the lid - nice aroma! Then have a good look at the tea - clear, bright and tender tea buds showing high quality tea feature.

A fine Gaiwan can be handmade in glass or in porseline. Gaiwan in glass displays the beautiful form of tea spring buds, such as West Lake Longjing green tea or White Hair Silver Needles white tea.

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